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I ‘m Eric Rookus

I will briefly tell you how my love for Beethoven was born .

Since I was 13-14 , I have become ardent admirer of Ludwig van Beethoven .

My father had LPs in the attic , everything . ( genre ) and a turntable (very important) .

My curiosity was really big, so it all came down from the attic .

I started the plates by dug , French chansons , pop records , singles from my mother.

Few months I turned French Chansons ( Brel , Aznavour etc )

It was nice , but something was missing .

In short, this was not what I was looking for . What I do not intend wasom looking for something. In terms of music , I was very critical . But good.

So , Pop and Chansons went to the attic , where they belonged.

Later I had the sleeves and use of those records for my Classic record collection .

Because not only I had not taken down , but also Classical LPs . And sure enough it appealed to me.

Vivaldi, Mozart , Handel , Bach , Mozart , etc. But note , listen .

There were some records of Beethoven.

A plate was to arise. Already appeal

At the plate three people were depicted ( see photo ) Napoleon , Beethoven and Bernstein .


The image was a potret Josef Stieler from 1819 .

He looked into my eyes and I was hooked .

It was a Lp , the CBS label (which I own ) .

Later, it was my Symphony .

But my parents were once again showed that I constantly hear – play . Every time that fifth symphony ( see photo )


Until today, I kept running ( perhaps now less than before ) , and every time I had the power delivered .

All that power that I subconsciously looked , I had found in Beethoven . Later I realized that music in general has a good effect on your feelings and your life . Music is part of everyone’s life. But we go further .

Beethoven also helped me through the puperteit . Beethoven had become a good friend , that I understood and learned many things from him . Especially his great love for God , his Creator as he talked about . And his great love for nature .

Why I’m going to talk about him . Well , as Jesus said where the heart is full of it flows into the mouth speaks , and that’s true .

Later in 2005 , I am intrested hit by the Dutch pop .

Beethoven was from 2005 to 2011 actually got a break from me .

I went to explore the other side of the music , and so I learned G. Meeuwis , Van Dik wood, Counting Crows , Veldhuis and Kemper , Vonda and Munnick etc , but also the Cabinet . And there I was.

After Beethoven I had a 2nd for love, The Closet , Spanner , SYB .

After a sort of Sabbatical I picked Beethoven quiet again and the jitters began to grow him again.

Beethoven was back in my life forever .

What I have learned so far is that music is wide and that one should find out whether you can find more fun styles . And that’s when I’ve succeeded .

Beethoven I am a real fan . And for the cabinet I’m more an admirer because Syb has a beautiful voice .

To be continued …


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